Deltin Royale Casino, The Biggest casino in India

Deltin Royale Casino, The Biggest casino in India

In India, gambling is highly restricted. The only legal forms of gambling are horse racing and lotteries but there are still great casinos you can visit. These casinos are located in only three states across the country; Sikkim, Daman and Goa.

Goa is home to Deltin Royale Casino, the biggest casino in India. Deltin Royale is a luxury casino with two main separated areas; the higher floors are designed for only the exclusive members who play with high stakes while the lower floors are dedicated for any guests who visits the casino.

The ground level has slot machines and table games while foods and drinks are served on the first level. From the second level and above, only high rollers and club members can enter and play.

Table games

Being the biggest casino in India, Deltin Royale Casino has all the popular games including Three Card Poker, Roulette, baccarat and Blackjack as well as plenty of live table games to choose from on 123 tables. Betting at this casino starts from $5 with exceptions for AndarBahar that starts from $15 and Baccarat whose minimum bet is $7.

Slot machines

Deltin Royale has about 250 machines which require pre reading before being played. Betting is placed between $0.01 and $0.10 per betting line.


The poker lounge at Deltin Royale is a high end place and it offers several games on 15 professional tables. Players here can choose from Cobra, Open Face Chinese Poker, Omaha and Texas Hold’em. Novice players and newbies are also welcome in the poker lounge though most of the tournaments are not meant for players in the learning phase.

Services and events

Deltin Royale Casino offers great entertainment with singers, live performances, comedians and even singers. The entertainment often starts from after the arrival of most guests and continues throughout the night. This casino also offers buffet with a wide variety of foods and drinks which is served to everyone until midnight after which only the players are privileged to order drinks from the tables.

Players who come with kids can take them to the children zone in the casino that is equipped with video games, toys and movies.

For new comers who want to learn the table games, there is a Learn to play table where anyone can pick the gameplay and the rules.

Deltin Royale casino is a must visit for any avid gambler who enjoys playing from a special environment where luxury and elegance meets great entertainment.