Becoming a professional gambler

Becoming a professional gambler

A career as a professional gambler may sound ridiculous but it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Being a professional gambler is nothing close to the common notion of wearing an underwear and eating pizza then getting lucky in gambling at the end of the day. In fact, only 0.01 per cent of the people who want to become professional gamblers actually become one.

Why it is hard to become a professional gambler

First, gambling and betting is associated with so much stress. Playing online casino games at casinos such as luxury and Captain Cooks casino can be quite relaxing when you are doing it for fun but when your next meal depends on whether the team you bet scores the goal or if you win the pot, suddenly, it becomes extremely stressful.

Also, there are so many pitfalls for professional gamblers with a large proportion of people trying to become professionals ending up as drug or alcohol addicts.

The bookmakers have a bad habit of limiting the bets of winning. When it comes to online casino games or even games offered at land based casinos, it is almost impossible to win continuously over a long term because the casino has some control in the casino games. Therefore, you are doomed to make a loss sooner or later.

Lastly, there is always the risk the gambling site or betting site you are using closing down in which case you will lose all your money.

Tips for becoming a professional gambler

The main tip to becoming a professional gambler is being able to make rational decisions. This involves not allowing your emotions to take over your betting decisions. Once in a while, every poker player and sports bettor will hit bad runs during which it will seem like nothing is working, during such times one can easily do bad sports bets and later go broke. Therefore, it is important as a gambler to look at every situation objectively and analytically as it is only the mindset that allows you to make steady income from gambling.

Never get lazy

The biggest mistake you can do in gambling is thinking that you do not have to work hard anymore after hitting a good run. In fact, you should work harder on your poker and betting skills when things are going well because you are more likely to have motivation for studying poker and betting.

Find passive income sources

To prevent anxiety when you hit bad runs during gambling and supplement your income, you should consider investing your winnings wisely and let the money work for you.