Becoming a professional gambler

Becoming a professional gambler

A career as a professional gambler may sound ridiculous but it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Being a professional gambler is nothing close to the common notion of wearing an underwear and eating pizza then getting lucky in gambling at the end of the day. In fact, only 0.01 per cent of the people who want to become professional gamblers actually become one.

Why it is hard to become a professional gambler

First, gambling and betting is associated with so much stress. Playing online casino games at casinos such as luxury and Captain Cooks casino can be quite relaxing when you are doing it for fun but when your next meal depends on whether the team you bet scores the goal or if you win the pot, suddenly, it becomes extremely stressful.

Also, there are so many pitfalls for professional gamblers with a large proportion of people trying to become professionals ending up as drug or alcohol addicts.

The bookmakers have a bad habit of limiting the bets of winning. When it comes to online casino games or even games offered at land based casinos, it is almost impossible to win continuously over a long term because the casino has some control in the casino games. Therefore, you are doomed to make a loss sooner or later.

Lastly, there is always the risk the gambling site or betting site you are using closing down in which case you will lose all your money.

Tips for becoming a professional gambler

The main tip to becoming a professional gambler is being able to make rational decisions. This involves not allowing your emotions to take over your betting decisions. Once in a while, every poker player and sports bettor will hit bad runs during which it will seem like nothing is working, during such times one can easily do bad sports bets and later go broke. Therefore, it is important as a gambler to look at every situation objectively and analytically as it is only the mindset that allows you to make steady income from gambling. It is important that every gamblers check out trusworthy resources; reviews, guidelines, sites or forums. A good site to get started with if you are looking for reliable information is

Never get lazy

The biggest mistake you can do in gambling is thinking that you do not have to work hard anymore after hitting a good run. In fact, you should work harder on your poker and betting skills when things are going well because you are more likely to have motivation for studying poker and betting.

Find passive income sources

To prevent anxiety when you hit bad runs during gambling and supplement your income, you should consider investing your winnings wisely and let the money work for you.

How to Choose Your Favorite Casino Game?

How do you choose an online casino that suits you? How to choose an online casino - There are now about 2000 online casinos and they all offer the most beautiful games and the biggest bonuses. But which casino should you choose as a player? Below we explain what you should look out for if you want to make a choice for an online casino.

Always choose a 100 percent secure online casino

First, reliability is of course very important. You do not simply trust your hard-earned money to everyone. Before you deposit money at an online casino you first want to know if it is a safe and reliable company. You can often find all kinds of information on the website itself or on the internet.

Is it a European casino with a license

It is good to look at the country in which the online casino is located. Some, for example, is in Malta. It is known that there is a strict supervision of online casinos. They are checked and approved for the European market and are in possession of a permit that is valid in all EU countries. But there are more countries with strict gambling laws. You can easily find that out via the internet. Some online casinos have a quality mark that shows that they are safe and reliable.

Which games do you find important, slots or table games

Second important aspect is your game preference. Are you fond of modern video slots and you can not wait for a new slot to come out, then you can choose an online casino that specializes mainly in slots? For example, Yukon Gold Casino offers over 500 different games that you can find on these Yukon gold casino reviews and find the ones that suit you. It may also be that you just love table games. Then it is good to choose a casino that has an extensive live casino because it is, of course, the most fun when you can play roulette or blackjack with a real croupier. So it's always good to ask yourself: what do I look for in an online casino, what do I like and what am I good at.

What kind of bonuses do you prefer from your online casino?

A third aspect that influences the choice for an online casino is your way of playing: are you fond of bonuses, do you like to bet high amounts? There are big differences between online casinos, especially in the area of bonuses. For example, an online casino like Vera & John is very focused on the recreational player. Often you can get nice bonuses for low amounts, which might be less interesting for a professional player.

Accessibility and navigation

As a true gambler, you naturally want to play at an online casino where you can play whenever you want. The online casino of choice must, therefore, have a wide accessibility; not only via your desk or laptop but also via a handy mobile app.

According to recent research, the number of users of such a mobile casino app has increased enormously and people nowadays play almost more often on their mobile than on a computer. Does the online casino not have a mobile app? Then look at the performance of the casino in the browser and visit for more details.

Once you have arrived at the website of your online casino, it is important that you can easily find everything for which you are coming. Can you log in or stay logged in quickly? Where can make payments and where are all the games you want to play. Do you have one game for which you always come, then it is nice to reach that game within a few clicks. Speed, ease of use and navigation of an online casino is very important.

Live casino and dealers

A huge step forward in the experience of online casinos is the introduction of the live casino. Here you can take place live at a real table by means of various cameras, chat with the dealer and follow the course of the game closely. The live casino also significantly improved the reliability that online casinos want to convey. Do you want to experience the live casino experience? Good news! Almost every online casino including roulette, poker, slot machines, video poker, baccarat, keno can offer this nowadays, but we thought might be worth for you to check. It is still useful to find out how wide the offer of a live casino at your chosen online casino is.

The very last point we want to mention and what is at least as important as the other three is: what appeals to you? Do you prefer a cheerful casino that looks like a game site or do you like to experience the atmosphere of a real casino and feel like you're having a night out? Here too, casinos differ greatly from each other. It is just what you like.

Our Selection Of Top Games

Although there are a lot of disagreements on the best games to play in an online casino, there are only a few top-rated casino games. Since we know you are a passionate online casino player or you are just about to start your online casino journey, we’ve come up with the top 3 online casino games you are likely to enjoy playing. Get familiar with online slot machines and check this fantastic article: Best 10 NZ Online Pokies - Best NZ Real Money Pokies 2019, even if you're not in New Zealand, these games might be available in your region.


Poker is generally meant to be enjoyable to everyone. Your age, gender, or size doesn’t really matter. Online poker has very minimal requirements, and it allows you to play it in the same browser you use for googling.

These days, there are a lot of smartphones and other mobile devices apps you can use to play poker. You don’t need to have a lot of money to start playing this game since you can even begin by playing free games before using your deposit. Moreover, it’s possible for you to play for as low as $.01/$.02 in cash games. Amazing, isn’t it?


This is one of the most popular social games in online casino. There are a lot of people who like going online to spin that virtual wheel. The fact that players only have to pick a number and then wait for the wheel to do its work makes it the best for new gamblers. However, if you don’t bet intelligently, the game can be a bit costly.


Also known as �21’, blackjack is a game that is easy and fast to learn. This game gives its players the best odds which help in beating the house hence winning big. However, if you are a beginner, it’s important that you read and understand the Blackjack beginner’s guide; where possible. Although there are various types of blackjack games, the goals and ideas of a gambler remain the same; to win!

There are of course more games available if you play online casinos. Slot machines or baccarat games can also be pretty fun to try.

How Being a Professional Gambler Gives You Freedom

People gamble for various reasons. Some do it due to the influence they get from sports, and some because of the gambling buzz. For others, they may be trying to test their gambling skills or seeking to "beat bookmakers." In gambling, not everybody who places bets is concerned about the money they'll lose or gain. They view gamble fails as entertainment costs while wins bonuses. Even those betting for challenges might be more interested in winning satisfaction rather than the profits. Many people are aspiring to become bettors. Discover how being a professional gambler gives you freedom below. If you are curious and wish to get some tips.

You Can Choose Your Own Working Hours

Choosing the number of hours that you need to work or when to work is one of the unique freedoms of professional gambling. This will give you the flexibility because anything you wish to do, you can do it anytime you want. However, there're certain times you'll need to be working. If you specialize in live tennis betting, you may be required to be online, placing wagers while the match is still taking place.

No Boss to Tell You What You Need to Do

Not having a boss or supervisor to respond to is appealing. There's nobody to interfere with your schedules by telling you what needs to be done or when it should be done. Professional gamblers have complete control of their working life. You also don't need to work in certain ways or according to what another person wants. You've got the freedom to use any techniques you prefer to achieve your goals. Additionally, you can take time off when you feel like it. You'll not need to seek permission to do anything you like.

You Can Work from Anywhere

Professional gamblers not only have the flexibility on how and when to work but also of working from anywhere they want. This'll give you the freedom to live the lifestyle of your desire. As long as you've got internet access, you'll be able to place your bets or do research no matter your location. Moreover, you can go wherever you want and still manage to do your job.